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Committed to professional service and protection.


To be the leading Public Safety Agency in Imperial County through progressive, innovative law enforcement services. This will be accomplished through collaborative efforts, responsible use of resources, sound administrative policies, technological advances, and leadership development.

Core Values

Ethics, Loyalty, Honesty, Accountability, Professionalism, Integrity, Commitment


  • Age
  • Citizenship
  • Reading/Writing Ability                 
  • Criminal History Check
  • Medical/Psychological Evaluation
  • Background Check
  • Agility Testing
  • Training Videos

20.5 +

Police uniform

US citizen or permanent resident alien who is eligible and has applied for citizenship

US Passports
Reading/Writing Ability                 
Criminal History Check

Fingerprints sent to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Background check form
Medical/Psychological Evaluation

Evaluations conducted by licensed physicians and/or psychologists employed by IC Human Resources

Background Check

Thorough background based on applicant’s personal history statement/questionnaire 

Agility Testing

OBSTACLE COURSE: Run a 99-yard obstacle course consisting of several sharp turns, a number of curb-height obstacles, and a 34-inch high obstacle that must be vaulted.

BODY DRAG Lift and drag a 165-pound lifelike dummy 32-feet.

CHAIN LINK FENCE Run 5 yards to a 6-foot chain link fence, climb over fence, continue running another 25 yards.

SOLID FENCE CLIMB Run 5 yards to a 6 foot solid fence, climb over fence, continue running another 25 yards.

1.5 MILE RUN within 14 minutes (pass or fail)

500-YARD RUN Run 500 yards.

Each of the five events is timed. Candidate’s performance times are converted to points, and summed. A passing score must be obtained as set by IC Human Resources. (Therefore, faster times equal higher scores).

Training Videos
Video 1
Video 2

Department History

With the vast improvements and reclamation of land in the Imperial valley settlements rapidly and the people, ambitious to govern themselves, petitioned the board of supervisors of San Diego county, the valley being then a part San Diego county setting up plausible claims for a separate government and July 9, 1907, the board adopted resolutions calling for an election to pass the question of dividing the county. The line of division proposed was to the section line lying between ranges 8 and 9 east of San Bernardino meridian. The territory embraced in the projected county had an area approximating 4,000 miles with a population estimated at 10,320. The date of election was for August 6, 1907.


When these preliminaries had been finally settled, and probably long before, the question as to where the county seat should be located became a burning one, so to speak, which resulted in a bitter contest between the village of Imperial and El Centro. Although much younger than Imperial, El Centro won out after a strenuous and desperate struggle on its part; this, however, by so narrow a margin that a recount of the votes was sought by her rival, but the legal contest took place.

On August 12, 1907, the supervisors of San Diego County met and canvassed returns of the election. The result of this proceeding determined that the people of Imperial County were almost unanimous in favor of division and there upon the board officially declared that the county of Imperial had been born. At the election the board of supervisors which had been chosen for the county met at El Centro at ten o’ clock in the morning, in the Valley State Bank building, and there organized by choosing F. S. Webster, of the third district, chairman.

The first measure adopted was an ordinance prohibiting the sale or distribution of liquor, malt or spirituous, anywhere in the county, except under the most restrictions. At a later meeting of the board, ordinance No. 3 was adopted prohibiting gambling or betting. If there has been liquor sold in Imperial county, or any gambling pursued, the acts have been surreptitious and in defiance of these laws.

Shortly after the organization of the county Sheriff Mobley Meadows secured a building that had been used as a furniture warehouse, real-estate office and dwelling, for a temporary court house! In this same building two rooms were set apart in which to confine malefactors. This was the first county court house and jail.

In September, 1907, the board of supervisors appointed its chairman F. S. Webster, and the district attorney, J. M. Eshelman, to appear before the board of supervisors of San Diego county and insist upon that body turning over to Imperial county its share of moneys, which San Diego county had theretofore refused to do. After several trips to San Diego county had been made and through some further difficulties the mother county made a satisfactory settlement with Imperial.

At about the close of 1907, a substantial jail building had been completed and the county offices removed to a new building which had been erected by the board of supervisors as a temporary court house. In 1909 a site for a permanent court house was decided upon in an addition to the townsite lying west of the Date canal. Some time before this the first daily newspaper in the town was established by Edgar F. Howe and his sons, Armiger W. and Clinton F. Howe.

Deputies c. 1934


Smythe, W.E. (1913). San Diego & Imperial Counties, California: Vol. 1. A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement (pp. 473-474). Chicago.IL: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company.

Sheriff's Office c. 1914


Raymond Loera

Sheriff of Imperial County

Sheriff Raymond Loera is the 14th Sheriff of Imperial County, California. He also serves as the County Coroner and Marshall. He assumed Office in January, 2007. Prior to being elected to his present Office, Sheriff Loera served as Chief of Police for the City of El Centro, California, the County seat of Imperial County.

Since 1974, Sheriff Loera served the community in his chosen profession of law enforcement. He promoted through the ranks of the El Centro Police Department and served in various capacities. He graduated from Central Union High School, in El Centro, Imperial Valley College, San Diego State University. He holds Advanced, Supervisory, Management and Executive Certification from the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. He is a graduate of the California Peace Officer Standards and Training Supervisory Leadership Institute, California Command College and Executive Development Course, the F.B.I. National Academy and Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminars, in Quantico Virginia.

  • Enlisted in the U.S. Army August 1970 served with the 82nd Airborne Division until 1973.
  • Employed by the Imperial County Sheriffs Office as a Deputy Sheriff, 1974-1976.
  • Employed by the City of Calexico Police Department, 1976-1978.
  • Employed by the City of El Centro Police Department, 1978-2006. Served in the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain.
  • Appointed Acting Chief of Police of the El Centro Police Department,1999. Appointed permanent Chief of Police, 2000. Retired in that position in July of 2006.
  • Elected to the Office of Sheriff for the County of Imperial June 2006. Took Office January 2007.
  • Attended Imperial Valley College receiving an A.S. in Law Enforcement.
  • Attended San Diego State University receiving a B.A. in Criminal Justice Administration.
  • Graduate of Class #8 of P.O.S.T. Supervisory Leadership Institute.
  • Graduate of Class #174 F.B.I. National Academy.
  • Graduate of F.B.I. Law Enforcement Executive Development course.
  • Graduate of Class # 24 California P.O.S.T. Command College.
  • Graduate of California P.O.S.T. Executive Development Course
  • Member of the California State Sheriff’s Association since 2007.
  • Member of the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition since 2007.

Past member of the Board of Directors:

  • Red Cross San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter since 2009
  • San Diego State University/IV Campus Foundation since 2008
  • Imperial Valley College Foundation since 2008

Contact Us

For Emergencies call 911

Non-emergency dispatch (442) 265-2021

Jail & Inmate Information (442) 265-2266

Records (442) 265-2125

Admin. Information (442) 265-2000

Toll Free 1-800-452-2051

Records and Civil Divisions hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (closed for lunch 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.), except weekends and holidays.


Imperial County Sheriff’s Office

328 Applestill Road

El Centro, CA 92243

Mailing Address

1040 P. O. Box
El Centro, CA 92243

Inmate Mailing Address

The Regional Adult Detention Facility (R.A.D.F.)
1328 Sperber Road
El Centro, CA 92243
The Herbert Hughes Correctional Center (H.H.C.C.)
1328 Sperber Road
El Centro, CA 92243
  • Command Staff
  • Divisions
  • Station
Command Staff

Raymond Loera

Sheriff Coroner Marshal

(442) 265-2005

Fred Miramontes


(442) 265-2002

Scott Sheppeard

Chief Deputy – Operations

(442) 265-2003

Robert Benavidez

Chief Deputy- Correctional Facilities

(442) 265-2222

Manuel De Leon

Chief Deputy – Operations & Support Services

(442) 265-2004

Raquel Leal

Administrative Manager

(442) 265-2040

Ryan Kelley

Chief Deputy – Investigations

(442) 265-2043

Clinton Erro

Lieutenant – North County & Courts

(442) 265-2105

Emmet Fried

Lieutenant – South and East Counties, and Holtville

(442) 265-7066

Juan Chavarin

Correctional Lieutenant – Jail HHCC,DRC/Operations

(442) 265-2225

Colby Stewart

Correctional Lieutenant – Jail OFDF/Operations

(442) 265-2223

Robert Wilson

Correctional Lieutenant – Jail RADF/Operations

(442) 265-2483

Joseph Conkey

Sergeant – Holtville Police Station

(760) 356-5960

Olivia Mejorado

Admin. Analyst & Sheriff’s Exec. Asst.

(442) 265-2005

Command Staff Chart

Command Staff Chart under construction.


Pina, Arimai


(442) 265-2011

Sgt. Michael Mistriel


(442) 265-2105

Corrections Day Reporting Center

(442) 265-2269

Garcia, Tina

Crime Prevention

(442) 265-6105

Martinez, Sylvia


(442) 265-2021

Sgt. Green


(760) 455-0096

Graciela Jimenez


(442) 265-2035

Jail Information

(442) 265-2267

Jail Transportation

(442) 265-2232

Jessika Romero


(442) 265-2125

Sgt. Michael Mistriel

Scientific Investigations

(442) 265-2105

Brandon De Los Rios

Training Corrections

(442) 265-2092

Burk, Justin

Training Operations

(442) 265-2091


Phone numbers in blue will ring through to the main Sheriff’s Office, if there is no answer in the substation. Please stay on the line. Click on any name to send that individual an email.

Brawley Substation:

(442) 265-5250

Niland Substation:

(760) 359-0607

Sgt. Eliseo Gonzalez


(442) 265-2105

Palo Verde Substation

(760) 854-3469

Salton City Substation

 (760) 394-4114

Sgt. Murad Masad


(442) 265-2045

Winterhaven Substation

(760) 572-3657 

Complaint Procedure & Forms

You may submit a complaint form in person, by fax, by mail, or by e-mailing the complaint form to (our mailing address and fax number can be found on the complaint form).

Employee Recognition Form

You may submit the Employee Recognition Form by postal mail or e-email:

Imperial County Sheriff’s Office

C/O Administration

P.O. Box 1040

El Centro, CA 92244

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